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The Inclusion Initiative

Promoting Vocational Skills among Disabled Teens in Vaslui County, Romania. The Inclusion Initiative is an ambitious project to address the barriers to successful employment and personal development faced by teenagers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Vaslui County, Romania – one of the poorest regions in the EU. The project will deliver targeted vocational training to this often overlooked population, focusing on areas with high potential for self-sufficiency.


The marginalization of teenagers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in rural Romania regarding vocational skills is a complex issue rooted in several societal, educational, and economic factors. Lack of Specialized Education and Training, Societal Attitudes and Stigma, Lack of Resources and Infrastructure, Limited Advocacy and Legislation, Poverty, and Economic Challenges. The Inclusion Initiative project is designed to address these challenges head-on.


The project will deliver targeted vocational training and employability skills development programs to this often overlooked population, focusing on areas with potential for local employment and self-sufficiency. Focusing on inclusivity and empowerment, the program aims to equip participants with the hard and soft skills necessary for successful, sustainable employment and independent living.

Long-Term Impact

The Inclusion Initiative aims to make a substantial, long-term impact on the lives of disabled teens in Vaslui County, opening up possibilities and pathways to success that might otherwise remain out of reach. By empowering these young people with the skills and confidence needed to contribute to their community and live fulfilling, independent lives, we are investing in a more inclusive, prosperous future for all.

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Building Bridges, Not Walls: Multisensory Van

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Multisensory VanRolling Bridges” is an innovative project that seeks to acquire funds for the purchase of a multisensory van primarily aimed at serving children with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in the rural regions of Romania, one of the poorest areas within the European Union. This initiative is built on the principle of fostering inclusivity and accessibility, intending to “build bridges, not walls,” for those who are often marginalized due to their special needs.


Children with developmental disabilities often have complex sensory needs that aren’t met within traditional educational or community settings, particularly in areas with limited resources. Our project strives to address these challenges by bringing the necessary sensory stimulation and therapy to these children, directly to their doorstep, through a fully equipped multisensory van. Access to such specialized services is often non-existent for children residing in underprivileged rural areas.


A multisensory van is a specially modified vehicle outfitted with various equipment designed to stimulate different senses – visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory. These include lights, soundscapes, tactile surfaces, and safe objects that children can interact with. These environments, known as sensory rooms or Snoezelen rooms, have been proven to be effective in helping children with special needs improve their sensory processing, communication, and overall behavior.

Long-Term Impact

The Rolling Bridges project underscores the importance of accessible and inclusive care for children with special needs, regardless of their geographical or socioeconomic circumstances. We believe this multisensory van will bring therapeutic benefits to these children and serve as a catalyst for community engagement, fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusivity across rural Romania. Breaking down barriers to inclusion ensures they receive the care and stimulation they need to thrive.

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Empowering Futures: Securing a learning center

In our quest to make the world a more inclusive, empathetic, and equitable place, we’ve taken on an endeavor – securing the future of our Learning Center, a sanctuary for children and orphans with disabilities. We are in a race against time to purchase the property that has been our home and a beacon of hope for the community, thereby securing it for future generations.

The reason this project requires immediate attention is the lack of facilities available. Our Learning Center is unique in its mission and execution, offering a vital lifeline to those it serves. The potential disruption of services and displacement of our students if we cannot secure the center, is unthinkable. We currently rent the space, and the owners are selling by year’s end. We will have nowhere to go if this happens.


Our Learning Center is not just a building; it’s a life-changing hub that empowers children with disabilities and equips them with the tools they need to succeed. It provides access to specialized education, resources, therapy, and holistic care that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is the only facility of its kind in our region; without it, many of these children would face a stark future.

Long-Term Impact

Purchasing our existing premises ensures that this valuable resource continues to operate without disruption. It will also allow us to invest further in educational tools, therapeutic equipment, and more trained staff to amplify our positive impact on these children’s lives. This center fosters a sense of belonging, affirming their dignity and, above all, affirming that they matter.

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