No Poverty

Delivering food and supplies to those living in poverty. Providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians at the border of Romania.

Good Health and Well-being

The center provides essential early intervention therapies, including speech, Applied behavioral analysis and occupational therapy, and yoga for the special needs child. In addition, students enjoy art and play with soon-to-come sound healing and adaptive physical fitness.

Quality Education

We help and support children’s education in a healthy space. We provide educational support to children with special needs to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their academic and life goals.

Reduced Inequalities

Delias Learning Center is committed to ensuring that children with a disability can fully participate in society and have equal opportunities for development through tailor-made tutoring and recreational activities.

Zero Hunger

We provide daily healthy mini-meals, which may be many’s only meals of the day.

We’re proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish and thankful for the generosity of our supporters as we move toward a brighter future.

100 people supported monthly through programs and services

We work with local community partners across Romania

Working on educational initiatives

$250,000 was raised to support change for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Participates in community activities and volunteering through local volunteers and volunteers abroad.

Future Projects
Sound Healing
Garden/Play area
Larger Space
Bigger Teen Program

Delia Foundation Playspace project at the local orphanage for children with disabilities.


We think our approach works wonders. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Below are a few testimonials from our families.

“I’m proud to give my time to an organization working to help those who need it the most. My experiences here have opened my eyes to the realities of others and given me hope for a world that helps a neighbor out when they need it.”

“Giving to an honest organization working to help these kids makesme feel better about the world and my place in it. The stories of impact and hope are truly inspirational!”