Be a #149 Hero

Orphanage in Barlad

$1.49 a month

Join our mission to make a difference in the world. Become a #149 Hero today! Donating $1.49 monthly to children with disabilities in rural Romania holds immense value and significance for many reasons.

What is a #149 Hero?

A #149 Hero is someone who believes in our cause and wants to help us achieve our goals. By joining our community, you’ll have the opportunity to impact the world positively.

How can you become a #149 Hero?

It’s easy! Simply click the “Join Now” button and fill out the form. You’ll receive updates on our progress, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Why become a #149 Hero?

  • You’ll be part of a passionate community dedicated to making a difference.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer and help us achieve our mission.
  • You’ll receive regular updates on our progress and impact.