Alex’s Story: A Hopeful New Beginning

Alex’s story is one of loss.
Loss of his family and his home…
in one day.

Alex’s Story

This quiet, sweet-natured 9-year-old boy was one of four brothers living with his mom in a village located a few hours from Delia’s Learning Center in Barlad, Romania. One evening a fire broke out while the family was at home. One of
Alex’s brothers died. The house was destroyed, and with few resources, the mom had no place for the family to live. Alex and his remaining brothers were placed temporarily in an orphanage and separated, each sent to
live with a different foster parent.

Alex has not seen his mother or brothers since he left the orphanage

“Alex has been a part of our center since we opened. He loves dressing up as a super hero and prefers to work independendtly but is starting to trust more people around him. Recently Alex’s foster Mom informed us of her possible move out of the county, this would put Alex with a different foster mom or send him back to the orphange. We are working as a team to help make sure he does not return to the orphanage!”

In addition to this tragedy, Alex suffers from a medical condition with one of his eyes. He has had multiple surgeries, and we would like to have him evaluated by a private ophthalmologist.

Finding Help

His kind-hearted foster mom, hoping our teachers and psychologist could help him academically in a loving, supportive environment, brought Alex to Delias’s Learning Center. He has developmental disabilities affecting his ability to learn in a traditional classroom setting.

A New Beginning

Alex is now enrolled in mainstream school with an aide. Our teachers continue to work with him on his academics so he can move on to the next grade. His interaction with other children has dramatically improved. He is shy, funny, and so sweet. Alex is a joy to have at our center.

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